• Image of Cello + Laptop <br> Parallel Paths
  • Image of Cello + Laptop <br> Parallel Paths
  • Image of Cello + Laptop <br> Parallel Paths
  • Image of Cello + Laptop <br> Parallel Paths

Limited Black CDR edition. Hand-numbered and letter-pressed cardboard sleeve. Includes digital download in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more).

All tracks produced and arranged by Sara Galán and Edu Comelles between 2010 and 2012.
Mastered by Jaume Muntsant.

Edu Comelles and Sara Galán have been working since 2010 under the name of Cello+Laptop. Their work explore the possibilities of the synergistic combination between the notes of a cello and digital manipulation of field recordings.

After a couple of live improvisations released through netlabels Audiotalaia and Colección de Emociones, Cello+Laptop publish on Envelope Collective their first physical release, “Parallel Paths”, a step forward that aims to the definitive consolidation of a project born from the improvisation to finally grow into a compositive work where the sonic landscapes and electro-acoustic ambient blend with motifs of the neoclassical school in five tracks that explore the limits between melody and ambient, between texture and singular timbre, drone and silence.

“Some of the finest electro-acoustic moodscaping. Calling it superb is no overstatement but wholly deserved”
(Textura, 40th best record of the year)

“Pure indulgence” (Fluid Radio)

“Serenely dramatic and deep” (Playground, 17th best record of the year)

“5 pieces of the highest evocative power” (Go Mag)

“Intensely emotional” (Avant Music)

“Absolut attraction” (Acts of silence)

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